Brad’s Bites: A Wild Week

Brad Durick

By Brad Durick

It’s been a wild week. We were blessed with rains in the northern Red River valley that gave the catfish a fresh drink. However, water levels remain seriously low from Oslo to the south and heavy rains brought Drayton up nearly four feet but the river is quickly falling now. The recent cool temperatures have brought water temperatures from a high of about 68 down into the low 60s. The forecast looks to be cool for the next few days, but this is not a bad thing as it will prolong the prespawn bite.

Catfish have been a bit confused with all the weather and are hanging out in slower current areas and even very shallow. Sit times have been tough to nail down but it appears that 20-30 minutes is the ticket to decide what is going on. Baits have changed to anything fresh cut this week. When an aggressive fish hits they tend to mean it. There has been some picking and pecking after you catch the aggressive fish. Just move onto another spot rather than wait for those fish to go.

The river remains extremely low and caution should be exercised when boating (especially below dams) to ensure the safety you and your equipment.

Brad Durick is a Dakota Edge Outdoors contributing writer and licensed ND fishing guide specializing in the trophy catfish of the northern Red River.

Featured Photo: Bigger catfish are becoming more aggressive on the Red River, taking to fresh cutbait in the past week. DEO Photo by Brad Durick.

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