The Peluso Report: Sak & Devils Lake Bites Still Hot

Mike Peluso

By Mike Peluso

We are going to experience another hot stretch of weather here in the Dakotas this week and one thing is for sure, the fishing on both Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake remain hot as well.

One thing to note as the water temps continue to rise, the fish will begin to go deeper. Most fish caught in 25 feet or deeper may require you to keep the fish. Please don’t be the guy jig rapping 50 feet down with 18 pelicans behind your boat. Those fish do not live. Keep what you need and move on to something shallower.

Lake Sakakawea is about as good as it gets for quality and quantity. Lots of fish in the 14-to-18-inch range are being caught. A mix of larger fish are scattered in also. It seems like the propeller rigs moving a bit faster are catching the bulk of the fish. If you are looking for that bonus big fish don’t be afraid to long line a live bait rig with a leech. 12 to 22 feet of water is holding the bulk of fish. If the wind is crashing into a shoreline for any amount of time those fish will slide shallow.

Devils Lake is also unreal right now. You can still catch plenty of fish on bottom bouncers and spinners pulled on the structure. If you are looking to keep yourself really busy, drop a Salmo over and troll the same structure. The bite can be complete chaos if in the right area. Devils has a lot of fish back in the main portion of the lake. With the pumps on and water levels dropping, it’s pulling a ton of fish out of the northern lakes.

I’m taking some bookings now for August and September. Don’t forget to study your calendars for some Ice fishing with me this winter on Devils Lake. It should be epic!

Mike Peluso is a Dakota Edge contributing writer and licensed fishing guide specializing in walleyes on North Dakota’s premier waters.

Featured Photo: The author holds up a chunky walleye from the waters of Lake Sakakawea. DEO Photo by Mike Peluso.

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