Brad’s Bites: End-of-Season Report

Brad Durick

By Brad Durick

Recent hot days have water temperatures holding at 63 degrees on the Red River. The lack of moisture over the past few weeks has flows back down to about nothing, however. Over the past week, the catfish have not been responding well. We are back to having fish pick up the bait and half-heartedly swim around with it, making bites difficult. That being said, shore anglers below the dams in very shallow stretches are reporting better quality fish as they are feeding where there is some current.  Bait of choice is anyone’s guess as the fish don’t seem to prefer or avoid any one bait.

As we come into October it is the time of year to call it a catfish season. This will be my last report of 2021. I would by lying if I said I wasn’t happy to see this one end and it truly was the tale of two seasons.

The first half was stunningly great with many boat records being broken. As we ran out of water though, things went south and it has been a struggle for the past two months. For now, we sit back and reflect on ways to improve should this happen again. I am hoping for a hard winter and to come into next spring fresh, with more water. I am already filling dates in 2022.

Thanks for reading!

Brad Durick is a Dakota Edge Outdoors contributing writer and licensed ND fishing guide specializing in trophy catfish on the Red River in and around Grand Forks.

Featured Photo: The author lifts a heavy spring catfish from the waters of the Red River at the start of the season. With drought conditions this summer, things were challenging and hopes for an influx of meltwater next year are at the forefront of his mind. DEO Photo by Brad Durick.

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