The Peluso Report: A Shore Thing

Mike Peluso

By Mike Peluso

We have had a decent week of weather. A few guys have been out probing both the open and frozen waters. I’m not quite ready to venture out on the ice. I do so much ice fishing starting mid-December and running into mid-March, that I’ll wait until it’s thick enough for the side-by-side.

Speaking of early ice, please be careful out there! No fish is worth falling through and possibly losing a life over. Be careful and use common sense when venturing out. New float suits, like the one I wear from are important to wear. Ice picks and spud bars are the tools of choice while checking ice. Take it slow.

There is still some open water fishing going on. I’m actually hearing that anglers are doing better off shore. The casting bite up at the Garrison Tailrace and also a few select areas on the Missouri River have been good after dark.

As far as the boat fishing goes it’s somewhat inconsistent right now. It seems that the guys pulling crankbaits in the current along the sandbars are doing best. The water has dropped again on the river recently, and that is causing the spots to change and the walleyes to relocate a bit.

I’ve been busy both getting all my equipment and bookings rolling for ice fishing this winter on Devils Lake. If you are thinking of a trip, please get ahold of me. I can accommodate groups of any size.

Mike Peluso is a Dakota Edge Outdoors contributing writer and a licensed North Dakota fishing guide specializing in walleyes on the state’s premier waters.

Featured Photo: Water levels are dropping on the Missouri River, exposing shorelines and boat ramp bottoms. As a result, walleyes are relocating in new areas. DEO Photo by Mike Peluso.

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