The Peluso Report: Strong Finish on DL

Mike Peluso

By Mike Peluso

I took my hand off the electric fence for a couple days’ break. I’m back down in Bismarck and the weather is showing signs of spring! I know it’s going to be difficult to return to the frozen tundra after feeling a little spring.

I had my hand on the fence earlier this week, and it goes back on it for 5 more days on the ice. After that I’m headed back to Bismarck permanently to get things dialed in for the open water season.

What’s been happening on the frozen pond of Devils Lake? It’s also showing signs of spring! The fish are getting out of their funk and starting to feed again. Perch, walleyes, and pike have given us some fun days here recently.

By the looks of things Devils should have ice and fishing opportunities well into April. As it stands today it’s going to be a good closing to this year’s ice fishing season. Bigger rattle baits are working good for both the pike and walleyes. Perch are still liking the smaller tungsten jigs with spikes and wax worms. The pike and walleyes are moving shallow and so are a few of those legendary Devils Lake jumbo perch. The main pod of perch remains out in the deep basin.

I only have a handful of days on the ice left. I’m guessing this will be close to my last ice fishing report for the winter. I will however be reporting on the boat ramps, water levels, ice conditions and more from the Missouri River a lot in the next few weeks. I have some openings left in April and May. For me I’ll be looking to beat my personal best, an almost 35 inch spawned out beast. I wish I would have caught her a day or two earlier. She would have had a good chance of making a push at the State Record. I do anticipate seeing some more of these true giants again this spring.Get ahold of me if you want to fish the river this spring near Bismarck.

Mike Peluso is a Dakota Edge Outdoors Contributing Writer and a licensed ND fishing guide specializing in walleyes on the state’s premier waters.

Featured Photo: Perch Parade. The bite is picking up for the late ice stretch on Devils Lake, including the water’s strong yellow perch fishery. DEO Photo by Mike Peluso.

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