The Peluso Report: Walleyes Still White Hot

Mike Peluso

By Mike Peluso

Walleye fishing up on Lake Sakakawea remains insane this week, and Devils Lake also remains good. I keep waiting for a major slow down, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Like I’ve talked about in past reports, the bulk of the walleyes are deep on Lake Sakakawea. Not all, but a vast majority are. If you are worried about the deep water walleyes, in the river section, the fish are shallower. The Aim Walleye and the Last Chance tournaments were both held on Sakakawea last week and the good results further tell the tale.

Pick your poison on how you want to catch them right now. Bottom bouncers, maybe on the heavier side baited with crawlers are still the number one fish catcher. Crankbaits, jig raps are two and three respectively. Again, it’s however you want to catch them off the structure like sunken humps and points.

Another thing I did last week was make a run down south on the Missouri River near Bismarck to check things out. The river has increased flows right now coming out of Sakakawea. In my opinion, the river hasn’t set up yet. We need flows to taper off a little and a few spots to set back up. I didn’t see a lot of signs of life yet, which is pretty normal for late August. I would expect to see some fish start showing themselves in mid-to-late September.

I am booking late Fall River trips and early spring river trips near Bismarck right now. I’m also booking a few late fall Sakakawea trips also. Get ahold of me if you are wanting to go!

Mike Peluso is a Dakota Edge Outdoors contributing writer and licensed ND fishing guide specializing in walleyes on the state’s premier waters.

Featured Photo: Walleye fishing remains excellent on both Devils Lake and Lake Sakakawea into Late August, with rigs on bottom bouncers being the most effective offering on the latter. DEO Photo by Mike Peluso.

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