Missouri River CTL Sign-Up is Aug. 22 & 29

MR CTL Press Release

Registration for the fall season of the Missouri River Clay Target League (MR CTL) for all Bismarck-Mandan area students in grades 6-12 with Firearms Safety Certificates (or CTL SAFE Program completion which can be completed after registration) will open on Tue. Aug. 22 and run through Fri. Sept. 1.  Sign up and informational meetings for students and their parents will be held at the Advanced Business Methods office (4480 Coleman St., Bismarck) on Aug. 22 and 29 at 7 pm.   Those students who participated in the MR CTL spring season must still attend one of the two meetings to register for the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League’s (ND CTL) fall season, which runs from Sept. 17 to Oct. 22.

Total cost for the MR CTL fall season is $240 with a $30 online ND CTL fee, both payable at the time of registration at one of the two meetings.  Student athletes will receive 22 rounds of clays (12 league, 10 practice) and 20 boxes of ammunition which will cover their fall season activities.  Participants shoot weekly on Sundays from Sept. 17 to Oct. 22 at 2 pm at the Capital City Gun Club located 4 miles north of Bismarck on Highway 83.  Students and parents are advised to bring their Firearms Safety Card with them to the meeting they attend, to facilitate enrollment in this growing sport.

“We had an exciting first experience in the ND CTL with 35 shooters participating for Bismarck, Century and Legacy this spring,” said MR CTL Coach Eric Thompson, “our shooters learned a lot and had incredible improvement, and the fall league will provide another great opportunity for previous shooters and new ones alike to experience this great program,” he concluded.

The ND CTL started with four teams in 2015, and now has 38 schools participating in its most recent season.  Part of the USA Clay Target League which began in 2001, the ND CTL had over 900 kids participate in the 2017 spring season, and over 400 shoot in the open-style State Tournament at the Horace Shooting Park in June.  Last year, over 13,500 students participated in affiliated leagues in 24 different states.

Unlike sports such as football, where the twelfth best player sits on the bench, every student athlete in ND CTL gets to shoot each week and measure their progress against all other athletes in the state and contribute to their team’s success in its conference. The popularity of CTL has grown so rapidly in part because it provides an alternative outdoor sport for students, allows participation for all regardless of experience or skill level and boasts a flawless safety record.  Since its inception 16 years ago, involving nearly 50,000 shooters nationwide during that time, there have been zero injuries in CTL practices and competitions across 24 states. For more information on ND CTL, visit ndclaytarget.com.

In addition to attending the sign-up and informational meetings on Aug. 22 and 29, parents can enroll their youth or learn more about the MR CTL team by calling Coach Thompson at (701)202-6893 or by emailing him at mrctl25@gmail.com.

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