Daily Edge for Wed. Aug. 16

HUMPDAY REBOUND!  Things start looking up weather-wise as the system that soaked us Tuesday fades eastward.  The drying out begins, and a return to more summerlike temps comes in the back half of the week and into the weekend.  While you’re getting your kids signed up for school in the coming days – check out area trap teams shooting in the ND Clay Target League’s fall season in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo:  Participants on area CTL teams get advice from experienced shooters who serve as coaches.  Photo Courtesy Missouri River CTL)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Wed 8/16 – Clouds move out early. Hi 77, Lo 60, Winds N @ 12.
Tomorrow: Thu 8/17 – Starts to feel like summer again. Hi 83, Lo 56, Winds S @ 12

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:43AM Sunset: 8:50PM
Moonrise: 1:25AM Moonset: 4:35PM
Overhead: 8:56AM Underfoot: 9:25PM
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent (31% Full)

EDGE HOUR.  8:30 – 9:30PM.  Go late tonight to tap the most stable portion of the day, and use moon underfoot and sunset to drive your success.  But things will be post-frontal, so go deep, clear and slow.



THAT’S MISTER CTL TO YOU.  The Missouri River Clay Target League Team (MR CTL) will be hosting two informational and sign-up meetings at 7pm on Aug. 22 and 29 at the Advanced Business Methods Office at 4480 Coleman Street in Bismarck.  The team is open to all Bismarck-Mandan area students in grades 6-12 with firearms safety course, and fall shoot days will be on Sunday at 2 pm at Capital City Gun Club from Sept. 17 to Oct 24.

GROWING UP.  The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League (ND CTL) is now in its third year, and has expanded to include 38 schools and over 900 participants in its most recent spring season.  As part of the USA Clay Target League, the state’s league joins 23 other states with over 13,500 participants nationwide and is the safest and fastest growing activity in high schools across the country.

YEAH.  THAT’S SAFE.   In 2012, there were approximately 230 reported concussions in North Dakota High School Football.  In Minnesota the number of reported concussions in 2015 across all High School Sports was more than 3,000.  Beyond brain bang-ups, there were countless sprains, broken bones and other injuries major and minor across high school sports last year, and the number rises year over year.  Except in CTL – it stays the same – ZERO – with a participation rate in MN on par with both hockey and football. No concussions, no broken bones, no nothing, yet the sport is heavily scrutinized, while we send our young men pell-mell, head-to-head into the trenches every Friday night. Makes my brain hurt thinking about it.  Shooting sports – safe and fun, for a lifetime.

Stay Sharp.

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