Daily Edge for Wed. Feb. 14

MELT YOUR HEART. A spike to near 40 degrees today will get things melting, providing a brief reprieve from the recent chill.  Get your fishing in today though as light snow and gusty winds take over tonight and into tomorrow, dropping temps back into the single digits with nasty wind chills once again.  Bask in the sunlight and the glow of today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: A pair of curved nymph hooks form a heart on the tying bench. Happy Valentine’s Day! Simonson Photo)

Today:  Wed 2/14 – Lovin’ It – Hi 40, Lo 17, Winds NW@11.
Tomorrow:  Thu 2/15 – Honeymoon’s Over – Hi 26, Lo 1. Winds N@20, G30.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 7:47AM Sunset: 6:07PM
Moonrise: 7:16AM Moonset 5:05PM
Overhead: 12:08PM Underfoot: Fol. Day
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent (1% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 4:30-5:30 – Tap moonset and the growing power of the new moon with warm temps in today’s Edge Hour.



EZINE. Check out the February installment of North Dakota Outdoors magazine, with a number of great stories, but especially the one on fertile prairie lakes and the NDG&F’s strategy for stocking these potholes for good fishing and expanding opportunities.

WORLD’S BEST.  Looking for the record on any fish throughout the world?  Look no further than the IGFA World Record Database! From rarities like the sunshine bass and the meanmouth bass, to strange saltwater species, the IGFA covers the gamut of gamefish – and others – in its compilation of records.

ONIONS HAVE LAYERS.  In the 1930s, Karl von Frisch gave ichthyology and anglers a name for one of nature’s strangest things: schreckstoff.  Literally meaning “scary” (like Shrek, from the eponymous Disney movie) and “stuff,” shreckstoff is a chemical compound released by fish – especially smaller ones like minnows – that triggers an instinctive evasion response in other nearby fish thus helping the species survive. But the connection between schreckstoff triggering a feeding frenzy by predators has not been fully established.

Stay Sharp!

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