Daily Edge for Thu. Feb. 15

ROLL ON.  If you don’t like the weather here, wait ten minutes, it’ll change. (Then you’ll really hate it!)  From 40 above to 4 below in 40 hours, it’ll be an interesting swing, and again when we kick up near 30 tomorrow.  With the recent chill, we check in on the mid-month WSI and where the index sits for the season as part of today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo:   A pair of whitetail does meet an oncomer in a small copse of saplings. This winter has been relatively kind to area wildlife, with snow cover lacking. Simonson Photo)

Today:  Thu 2/15 – Temps Fall All Day – Hi 28, Lo -4. Winds N@20, G30.
Tomorrow:  Fri 2/16 – Decent Again! – Hi 25, Lo 1. Winds SW@10.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 7:45AM Sunset: 6:08PM
Moonrise: 7:50AM Moonset 6:06PM
Overhead: 12:55PM Underfoot: 12:31AM
Moon Phase: New @ 3:05PM

EDGE HOUR: 7:00-8:00AM.  As the front pushes through will be your best chance at a bite, and temps will still be in the teens during the Edge Hour…but not for long!



MID-MONTH WSI. We’re halfway through February (shortest month, so not a challenge) and due to a stretch of cold weather, we’re seeing an uptick in the DEO Winter Severity Index (WSI).  12 out of February’s first 14 days hit zero or less, racking up 12 points, more than any previous month.  The lack of snow on the ground has kept  thermal cover available and food still relatively easy to find for birds, deer and other wildlife, so no points there for going over 12 inches (less than four inches on the ground around Bismarck). We currently sit at 34 out of a possible 152 points in our armchair WSI.

HIP TO BE SQUARE. Trapper Tackle has an interesting take on the norm, with square-bend treble, worm and drop-shot hooks that boast a more efficient way to fish plastics with less re-rigging, and a better connection to fish, as the angles are touted keep the hook in place better than a standard curved hook.

THAT’S MEAN. While digging through the depths of the internet, the legend of a hybrid smallmouth/spotted bass continues to grow, perpetuating the reputation of the “meanmouth bass” as a rare and powerful mix.  With the broken bars and cheek radial markings of the smallie, but the horizontal black line of a spot, this fish found predominantly in the south where both species occupy the same waters can be tough to ID.


Stay Sharp!

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