Daily Edge for Sat. Apr. 7

CARPE DIEM! Seize the day today, as tomorrow brings yet another snowy mess as Mega-March continues into April.  Speaking of carp (were we?), while viewed predominantly as a nuisance species, the process of bow fishing has become increasingly popular, and we talk about targeting these big nasties in today’s Three Things by that method and others.

Featured Photo: Spring Slime. Josh Holm of Valley City with a 30-inch carp caught on the Jamestown Reservoir. 

Today:  Sat 4/7 – Calm Start – Hi 28, Lo 9, Wind SE@11.
Tomorrow:  Sun 4/8 – Snowy Finish – Hi 28, Lo 17, Wind E@15, G25
SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:10AM Sunset: 8:20PM
Moonrise: 2:42AM Moonset 11:54AM
Overhead: 7:19AM Underfoot: 7:43PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (58% Full)
EDGE HOUR: 7:30 – 8:30PM.  With sunset and moon underfoot and an approaching front, your Saturday night bite should be hot in the Edge Hour.


BOW FOR CARP.  The bow fishing industry has expanded greatly in the past ten years, with increased gear and customized boats with large front decks and massive lighting systems used to target the growing populations of carp in America’s lakes and rivers.  Tracker’s Grizzly line of jon boats is the most notable watercraft devoted to this growing niche.


THE GOLDEN BONE.  Hard fighting and tough to tire, especially on the fly, large carp can test any angler’s skills. Use small nymphs and streamers when the fish are rooting around in the shallows and cast in front of them.  If you’re in an area with overhanging mulberry bushes, or cottonwood trees, have some purple and while flies ready to match the fruit and seeds that blow into the water.

BY BAIT AS WELL.  Carp fishing with standard tackle is a big pursuit in Europe.  Anglers use doughballs, corn meal and other mixtures to attract and get carp to bite.  Sturdy rods like those for catfish help tame the runs of some impressive fish overseas, and the same tactics can provide excitement on this side of the pond.
Stay Sharp!


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