Daily Edge for Sun. Apr. 8

STAY FLY.  By the time this is over, you’re going to be SOOOO prepared for spring fishing that the walleyes, pike, bass and other species aren’t going to have a prayer!  Of course we’ve got to get through today.  With a trio of spring prep tips, we do just that in today’s Three Things.

Featured Photo: Clean Shooting. Fly lines that are clean will zip through the guides, improving casting. Use commercial cleaner or simple soaps to get the job done. Simonson Phtoo

Today:  Sun 4/8 – Another 5” of snow. – Hi 28, Lo 17, Wind E@15, G25
Tomorrow:  Mon 4/9 – Maybe melting? Hi 31, Lo 19, Wind L&V.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:06AM Sunset: 8:22PM
Moonrise: 3:31AM Moonset 12:45AM
Overhead: 8:07AM Underfoot: 8:31PM
Moon Phase: Last Quarter @ 2:17PM

EDGE HOUR: 8:00-9:00PM.  Following this morning’s snow, the Edge Hour will focus on the sunset-moon underfoot period.



CLEAN LINE.  Run a fly line through a small wet rag or towel and use just a dab of Dawn dish soap in a sink or bucket of water.  Roil the water to get the soap disbursed and simply peel the line off the reel into the container then reel it back through the rag. Repeat the process in non-soapy water, and use a dry rag to get the line set for another season.

CLEAN TACKLE. Make a run through tackleboxes and check for rust spots – anywhere.  If you find some, replace that tackle tray or box with a new one available from most manufacturers.  Replace any rusty trebles on crankbaits with new ones, and remove rusty jigs and loose hooks that may be contributing to the spread of orange dread in your gear.

CLEAN SLATE.  Set up your personal bests for openwater fishing, and try to break those records this spring. Make it a season to help someone else catch their biggest – or their first fish. When it gets here, it’s all yours to do what you want with it!  Sooner or later, you’ll be jigging, pitching, cranking and casting.  Stick with us, we promise!
Stay Sharp!


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