Daily Edge for Tue. Apr. 10

OUT OF LINE.  If it wasn’t for the fact we’re still five degrees below normal for this time of year, today and its warm temperatures would be considered an outlier for what we’ve been under recently.  We talk about temps, drag and a great leader knot in today’s Three Things.

Featured Photo:  Lady slippers bloom along a creek just across the border into MN.  Though typically showing up in early June, it will be interesting to see how the bloom dates of these flowers, and others across the region are affected by the late spring. Simonson Photo

Today:  Tue 4/10 – A Taste of Spring. Hi 45, Lo 30, Wind L&V.
Tomorrow:  Wed 4/11 – Mixed Precip. Hi 38, Lo 25, Wind SE@11.
SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:02AM Sunset: 8:25PM
Moonrise: 4:48AM Moonset 2:40PM
Overhead: 9:42AM Underfoot: 10:05PM
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent (30% Full)
EDGE HOUR: 2:00 – 3:00.  Moonset with relatively warm temperatures and no wind will make for a perfect day outdoors starting with the Edge Hour.



ON LINE.  When a fish is hooked, drag management is key.  Test line breaking strength and drag reaction by giving a pull on the line from the reel before the first cast to make sure all is in order.  Keep drag tight for a solid hookset and quickly adjust it after the battle begins and the size of the fish can be determined.  Tighten drag later in the battle as the fish wears down. Reset the drag prior to the next cast so you’re ready for the next lunker.

MAIN LINE. If you’re looking for a quick and relatively simple way to connect leader material to your main line, go with the double-uni knot (here from 101knots.com).  A loop and a few wraps on both sides of the knot and a little grease in between will have this connector in place in no time.  Just remember to up the wraps when dealing with lines of significantly different diameters, or superlines.

FLAT LINE.  This time, there’s not even a psychological bump at the end of the forecast, as most meteograms align on the next two weeks of weather.  Below average temperatures persist into the last week of the month, keeping things pretty much status quo.  Are you on your second set of auger blades yet?
Stay Sharp!


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