Daily Edge 5/11 – Bring on Spring!

SPRING SWING.  Signs of spring are all around us as the walleye spawn wraps up along with paddlefish snagging.  It looks like we might hit the jackpot for spring weather too, starting Sunday. We cover all those items and do our happy dance in today’s Outdoors Roundup.

Featured Photo: RUN IT.  A rooster pheasant makes a move toward scant spring cover. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Sat 5/11 – Damp & Windy – Hi 53, Lo 43, Wind NW@23, G33
Tomorrow: Sun 5/12 – Hi Mom! – Hi 65, Lo 35, Wind NW@9


SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
6:14AM       9:06PM

Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead    Underfoot
12:24PM      2:50AM       8:02PM        7:34AM


Moon Phase: First Quarter @ 8:12PM


EDGE HOUR:     5:30-6:30AM.  Sunrise will be the least windy stretch of the day, and as a result, our Edge Hour.




SNAGGING ENDS.  Paddlefish snagging will end at 7 pm today (Sat. 5/11), just ten days after it started, as anglers have met the snag-and-keep quota. Snag-and-release will continue through May 15. Good coverage by our partner site at the Williston Herald highlights the fun of this spring tradition on the Missouri River.


SPAWNED OUT.  The walleye spawning process for the NDG&F helps the agency stock lakes all around the state.  Check out the process in this week’s North Dakota Outdoors web short, from egg collection and fertilization on-site to the hatchery work that goes into raising fry to 10 million fingerlings for stocking.


BRING ON THE WARMTH!  Make it through today’s dreariness and we’re in the money!  Things warm up and calm down on Sunday and then temps in the 70s roll into town.  Spring! Finally!


Stay Sharp!

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