Daily Edge for Mon. 9/30 – Headed Up

WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS.  It’s the final day of the first of fall’s months, and it’ll feel like it with cool north winds and tapering precip, but things are getting better as the Sunday system moves out of the region.  We’ve got the news and notes to get you geared up for a good week, including a new Duck Stamp winner, info on hawks and Dakota Edge Outdoors on the airwaves!

Featured Photo:  A covey of partridge glide up a grassy hillside. Simonson Photo


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:   Mon 9/30 – Cool & Damp – Hi 54, Lo 50, Wind N@13, 22
Tomorrow:  Tue 10/1 – Feels Like Oct – Hi 46, Lo 37, Wind NW@11


SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):


Sunrise        Sunset
7:40AM        7:25PM


Moonrise      Moonset      Overhead     Underfoot
9:53AM        8:54PM         3:29PM           3:02AM

Moon Phase:  Waxing Crescent (6% Full)


EDGE HOUR:   6:45-7:45PM.  Sunset with lessening winds will give you a decent Edge Hour as we recover from the latest system.




A WORK OF ART.  The US Fish & Wildlife Service has selected a winner for the 2020-21 Duck Stamp and it is Alabama’s Eddie LeRoy, for his painting of a black bellied whistling duck pair at sunset.  Over a billion dollars have been raised since the stamp’s inception in 1934 and the colorful art is a reminder of the species protected by the program.

HAWKEYE.  A frequently seen bird of prey is the red-tailed hawk and nearly two million of them occupy the airspace above North America.  Territorial and monogamous, the red-tailed hawk breeds in North Dakota and Canada before migrating south in many cases.

DEO IS ON THE AIR!  Check out the Our Outdoors segment on Super Sports Saturday, (at 48:00) now airing on 11 stations in North Dakota, including KOVC and KDAK.  We’re excited to be sharing the information that helps sportsmen succeed as part of this weekly program and expanding our reach for hunting, fishing and conservation news and updates!







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