Daily Edge for Sun. 1/18 – Calming Down

SETTLE. Things will be cold and calm today as we eye improvements in the weather that will facilitate more time outdoors this week.  In the meantime we’ve got waterfowl to watch and a battle for one of the region’s most pristine wild areas to cover in today’s Outdoors Roundup.

Featured Photo:  Pines & Mines.  A backwater bay on the BWCA is the front lines in the conservation battle in neighboring Minnesota. Simonson Photo

WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Sun 1/19 – Calming – Hi 1, Lo -9, Wind NW@6
Tomorrow:  Mon – Southerlies – Hi 10, Lo -10, Wind S@10, G18

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
8:20AM        5:26PM

Moonrise         Moonset        Overhead       Underfoot
3:20AM           1:21PM           8:25AM            8:51PM
Moon Phase:  Waning Crescent (29% Full)


EDGE HOUR:   5:00-6:00PM.  Sunset with temps in the double digits and light winds will be ideal for getting out on the ice in our Edge Hour.




WAITING WATERFOWL.  The NDG&F has released its tallies of mallards and Canada geese that remained in the state into winter.  More than 90,000 geese and 4,200 mallards were counted as part of the annual survey.

BWCA BATTLE.  The Ruffed Grouse Society reports the introduction of a bill in Minnesota’s legislature to permanently protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area from the effects of proposed mining operations.  The area consists of expansive waters, most of which are non-motorized, along with vast forests and swamps supporting large populations of ruffies, deer and non-game species.

STABILIZING.  Temperatures go up in the back half of the week and winds die off as we get a bit of a January thaw.

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